About Us

Ideal Therapy is the only integrated rehab facility on the south side of Atlanta. We provide Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language and Massage therapy services to pediatrics and adults. Our therapist are licensed by Georgia State Board and comes to our practice with the desire to provide the highest standard of care. Services are provided in the home and in our outpatient rehabilitation clinic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an outstanding patient experience that achieves the best outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Our Vision

We believe in educating our patient family during their rehab journey to further improve long term recovery. We do so by consistently advancing our education & training.

Our Core Values

Ideal Therapy aspires to uphold these core values to:

  • Provide service with empathy and caring to all
  • Our patient care is designed to provide the tool in which pt can proactively participate in their rehabilitation.
  • We strive to provide a unique patient experience that exceeds all expectations.
  • Create a nurturing environment, where patient become part of our clinical family.
  • Provide an empathetic and compassionate service to all