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Aquatic Therapy

At Ideal Therapy, we offer specialized aquatic therapy services designed to provide unique benefits in a soothing aquatic environment.

Our dedicated team of therapists collaborates closely with each patient, crafting personalized treatment plans meticulously tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. Whether navigating through injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, or pursuing athletic training that includes high-impact exercises, we offer personalized support at every stage of the journey.

Embracing the Power of Water

Aquatic therapy offers a dynamic and effective approach to rehabilitation. In the buoyant, low-impact environment of the water, patients can experience reduced pain, improved range of motion, and enhanced strength and flexibility.

Aquatic Therapy Services
  • Hydrotherapy exercises: Utilized to enhance strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Aquatic gait training: Incorporates an underwater treadmill feature to promote improved walking and mobility.
  • Water-based resistance exercises: Employed for muscle strengthening and conditioning, leveraging the resistive jet feature.
  • Relaxation techniques and aquatic massage: Integrated to provide stress relief and pain management through our built-in massager.
  • Aquatic activities: Tailored for sensory integration and motor skills development.
  • Seat bench: Provided for individuals with lower functioning to facilitate participation and comfort.
Dive Into Healing: Take the Plunge With Aquatic Therapy

Ready to experience the therapeutic benefits of aquatic therapy? Patients can schedule a session with one of our experienced therapists. Contact us today!